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Mens One Life Flask (Space Black)

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A Luxury container like no other! Created to the highest possible standards using sustainable materials and finished with a unique powdered coating in a range of beautiful colours.

The Cheex One Life bottle is a huge step in lowering your carbon footprint. Our bottles are designed to save energy with a triple layered system that keeps your liquids hot (24 hours) or cold (48 hours) depending on your preference.

Using 304 (18/8) stainless steel technology with a copper lining and all from sustainable materials, we want you to love and cherish your bottle and know that with every sip, you are doing something amazing for our planet and future generations. Not to mention, you look absolutely awesome carrying one!

The Cheex One Life bottle is your daily reminder to live with absolutely no regrets. This is our one chance and only chance to experience life and we deserve to experience everything we dream of.

Continue to love, to laugh and be kind to others. Care for your mind and body and practice self-love every single day. Travel and explore this beautiful world we all share and try to leave it even slightly better than you found it.

Remember, you are a compassionate human being and you have the power to help those in need. Love all creatures and be one with nature. Preserve biodiversity and allow future generations to experience how wonderful it is to live.